Vintage signs of KC

I’ve been on a vintage-sign photographing kick this summer.

Here is a slide show.

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One response to “Vintage signs of KC

  1. Wyandotte Plaza was a short bike-ride from my childhood home. As we started getting cars about age 14 or 15, it became the scene of some senseless juvenile delinquent vandalism called “Phantom of the Parking Lot.” Any shopping carts left out after hours were fair game. Kid in the passenger seat would lean out the window and hold the cart as the driver headed bullfighter-style towards the nearest light post. The little wheels on the shopping carts wouldn’t stand much more than 15 or 20 mph, but that was plenty enough speed to crumple the carts pretty good when they hit the concrete base of the light pole. Of course, I was never the driver or the other kid, but when I saw the crashed carts and asked, “Who did that?”, the answer was… “The Phantom of the Parking Lot.”

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