Occupy KC kicks out racists

Mike Enriquez (left) of Occupy KC denounces racism in a communique issued in the group's name while Lenny Zeskind looks on.

I did some reporting, sort of, on my day off Tuesday. I was interested to see the press conference stage managed by my friend, the author, researcher and expert on racism Lenny Zeskind, so I attended.
Lenny had noticed an overtly anti-Semitic cartoon that was part of an online collage/newspaper issued by folks calling themselves the Occupy KC Journal. So he brought it to the attention of the real leaders of the local movement, folks like Mike Enriquez and (Palestinian American!) Jeremy Al-Haj, and they went back through the Occupy channels (committee; general assembly) and came back with a decision to denounce the Journal’s anti-Semitism and read its leaders out of the movement.
Lenny thinks it’s a significant first, in that he’s watched the neo-Klan types sniffing around Occupy, and this is the first Occupy entity to kick them out of its big tent.
The conference got decent play; KSHB was there, along with KCUR and Dave Helling and Louis Diuguid of The Star, but the Star stuff ran online only. I notice the Journal-ists have made some non-responsive responses in various fora.


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